Summer Collection

by Anup Pan | 01-07-2016 | Tags : Ladies

So we have been out exploring the countryside as has become the norm for Beara Beara. One of our photoshoots is not the average photoshoot. It's a chance to explore a new part of the UK, this time strolling along the beaches and sand dunes of the south coast. It's…

Ladies Leather Bags

by Anup Pan | 01-07-2016

Old-school and vintage influences often inspire the style of Beara Beara bags. Classic British style hints at images of old saddle bags or school bags or doctors bags maybe. Simple practical shapes, uncluttered styles, thick natural leather.

This year we decided to take part in a celebration of another British…

Ultimate Leather Hand Bag

by Anup Pan | 01-07-2016 | Tags : Ladies Leather

Enjoy the simple things in life. This is the idea around which I designed this latest collection. This is not a collection of spectacular designs, it is however an important extension of our best selling bags which consolidates and complements our permanent collection. I am so happy with what Beara…


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